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Hello! My name is Maria Kostourkova, and I am a Freelance Graphic Designer! With a digital technologies degree from Washington state university and an eye for details, I am a here to help you create the best design to grow your business and take it to the next level.




Washington State University Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology and Culture Double Minor in Spanish and Global Studies.


My experience as a freelancer graphic designer is based on the following areas:

- Logo Design;

- Branding and Image Creation;

- Design of posters, flyers, and invitations.

- Creation of graphic content for social media.

- Development of short promotional videos.

- Website design.


A logo is a very important part of every brand. It is the image that will attrack the clients. Therefore its fundamental to choose a design that can represent and show the quality and area of the given brand or product, I have experience in this field and have worked with a big variery of companies, their fields and products. You can see some of them illustrated bellow: 




Creating a brand is a very delicate process in which it is not just about the colors or the Logo, but it is the company's or project’s identity. It's the way you can stand out from the competition and create a different personality. It is very important to be able to create a unique image that makes customers recognize you.

presentation copy.png

Zsofi Simon - Physical Training, Medical and Sports Rehab is a company for physical training and weight lifting personalized and adapted to each person and their injury. The key factor in creating this brand was to find an image that represents what the coach and owner wanted to transmit to her clients. 


The Travante Williams brand is a project that was recently launched, in which the main idea was to help other athletes, and create a chain of people that help and motivate each other to achieve their goals, both in life and in sports.


Signs, flyers and informative posters are very complex and important. It is fundamental that the design is simple and practical so that it is easy to read and understand the information intended to transmit. The majority of businesses and companies have the need to share information with their clients while showing their personality and quality of product through the image, in a clear and expressive way.




Social media is the easiest, quickest and more accessible way to reach most of the people now-a-days. It is through them that people share new products, brands, restaurants, etc. Therefore is it fundamental that all brands and companies, no matter the product and area, use these platforms in order to reach their clients and publicize their services.  



We provide a range of services in order  to find the best design for each part of your business.

Business Card Design


Cosmetic Bottles

Packaging Design

Blue Theme Stationery

Logo Design

Goodnight Kiss Poster

Posters/ Signs Design

Design Magazine

Book Design

Beauty Products


Blue Record

Social media 

Illustration of Woman

Illustrations and
vector art


I am a freelance graphic designer specialising in branding. My goal is to design a unique and beautiful logo that will speak for your business and lead to success!

- Communication during the entire process is fundamental. The first consultation is when we will discuss general ideas, styles, business goals, as well as time estimation and prices. We like to provide several options and keep improving them until our clients are happy with the product!

- You will be given an estimated time for the completion of the project and we guarantee this timeline will be met!

- If you have requested more than one service from us, we will create a plan and the most appropriate order to complete the projects.

- Contact with our clients is fundamental for us during the entire process, in order to make sure we create the design that you and your company need and deserve!

- At the end of the project, we send the final product, along with a folder containing all the formats, important information, and characteristics of your design.

For more questions, please contact us!

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